Top Trends of 2019
The end of 2019 is quickly approaching, leaving a whirlwind of city-shaping news and developments in its wake.

While 2020 promises to be a historic year for local governments — from new tech regulations to the 2020 Census, to the effects of the presidential election — the headlines of 2019 have given our city leaders a preview of what to expect in the new decade.

We've tracked it all: From The Rockefeller Foundation disbanding 100 Resilient Cities in April, to Los Angeles and Uber's data-sharing battle in the fall, we've kept our finger on the pulse of all the local and national developments shaping smart cities. What was the news that transformed your leadership or the way your city invests in new solutions? Drop us a note and let us know.

Keep an eye out for our Top Trends of 2019 roundup on Monday, and our return to daily newsletters full of fresh news and analysis on Jan. 2. Until then, have a safe and happy holiday!

Kristin Musulin
Senior Editor, Smart Cities Dive
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